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Raymond Ramnarine is the 2013 Chutney Soca Monarch.

Singing in Position 7 in the Finals with the song “I eh Marridin no more,” Mr. Ramnarine out sang 16 others to take home the $1 million first prize at the competition. ​

Ramnarine, the Frontline Singer for Dil-E-Nadan, came into the Finals in good standing, having topped the Semi Finals of the competition.

At the Finals, he received the judges' approval and secured the most text votes for first place.​

The Finals of the competition, which was held at Skinner Park in San Fernando, got underway at 11pm on Saturday and finished just before 3am on Sunday.​
Raymond Ramnarine was named the winner just before 4am.​
Second Place went to Rikki Jai, the 2011 Monarch. He took home $300,000. ​

Defending Champion, KI Persad, placed 3rd and took
home $200,000.

*The Top 10 winners in the 2013 Chutney Soca Monarch:

1. Raymond Ramnarine​
2. Rikki Jai​
3. KI​
4. Kenneth Supersad​
5. Drupatee Ramgoonai​
6. Anil Bheem​
7. Hunter and Junjeezy, Rick Ramoutar (tie)​
8. Prophet Benjamin​
9. Omadath Maharaj, Sally Sagram (tie)​
10. Saleem ‘Stinky’ Beharry.​

On February 4, 2013, Trinidad  held one of its biggest concerts of the carnival season featuring some of Trinidad's most famous acts along with Jamaica's own Shaggy and Spanish heartthrob Pitbull. Trinidad James, who wasn't initially accepted by other Trinidadians has shown the world that he is a real Trini. He said l now have a chance to show them just how versatile he can be when he hits the stage with King Performer Machel Montano.​This concert showed just why Machel Montano is considered one of the best soca artiste and entertainers in the world, with his stunning stage performances and a true international cast.Machel Monday included also Riki jai,KI, Ravi B, Drupatee,Issac Blackman and family,Lil Rick,Lyrical,Yankee Boy,Lil evlin and more....... 




With her hot new look and beautiful vocals .​Patrice Roberts  is a young Trinidadian, who is rapidly edging her name among the elite in the music industry. Patrice Roberts has been the premier soca artiste in the Caribbean for more than a decade and has established herself as the leading draw at major events in New York City, Miami, Toronto and London and throughout the Caribbean Diasporas. Patrice Roberts is recognized as a leading performer in the soca music genre and is highly regarded as a great songwriter.

Patrice Roberts began her career as early as 1992 at age 9. In 1995, Patrice Roberts and her panel of “back ups”, entered the Sangre Grande Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, in which she placed first. This earned her rave reviews and standing ovations where ever she performed.

In 2000, she was named “Toco personality winner” which brought to her another wave of recognition. In 2001, Patrice Roberts cupped the “National Junior calypso monarch”, “National Junior soca monarch” and National Library calypso monarch, which earned her a chance to perform at the Junior Carnival in Miami. She also performed in Barbados at the Crop over festival where she shared the stage with the likes of Allison Hinds.

In 2003, at the age of 17, Patrice performed at the Royal Oprah house in London, England. Later ion that year, she again won the National Junior Calypso Monarch. In 2003, she became the 2nd runner up in both the National Junior soca monarch and the Junior calypso monarch. She also graced the stages of the international Soca Monarch, in which she mesmerized the already sold out crowds



Bunji Garlin July 14, 1978 is a reggae soca artist from Trinidad and Tobago. His real name is Ian Alvarez. He is of Saint Lucian and Venezuelan descent. He married fellow soca artist Fay-Ann Lyons on December 23, 2006, daughter of legendary soca singer Superblue.[1] He is also a second cousin of singer Patrice Roberts, who performs alongside the popular Machel Montano.[2]

Bunji has won Trinidad's Soca Monarch competition on several occasions; 2002 (tied with Iwer George) with "Down in the Ghetto",[3] 2004 with "Warrior Cry",[4] 2005 with "Blaze the Fire" Both songs were produced by then band member Shawn Noel (Da Ma$tamind)[5] and 2008 with "Fiery" [6] He placed second in the International Soca Monarch 2009 with "Clear De Road", while his pregnant wife placed first with "Meet Super Blue". She also won the Groovy Soca Monarch title that same night with "Heavy T Bumpa".

Bunji Garlin's "Brrt" is featured on the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack


KES the Band is a Trinidadian soca band formed in 2005 by brothers, Kees (lead vocals), Hans (drums) and Jon Dieffenthaller (guitar) and close friend Riad Boochoon (bass guitar). All of them are alumni of Presentation College, San Fernando in Trinidad & Tobago. Kees also attended St. Mary's College for his A Level exams. Noted for high energy live performances and the soulful voice of lead singer, KES has captured the hearts of many. It has become one of the most popular and sought after bands in Trinidad and Tobago, throughout the Caribbean, US and Canada..​


Kes just dropped their first tune for 2013 today! ‘Come For Dat’ is an electro-dance soca tune that is sure to be have people wining up the place. The track was produced by the terrific team at Madmen Productions (who produced songs on their ‘StereoType’ pop album) and was written by Kes the band and Kern Rose. I honestly liked the track on first listen and I can see this being a radio hit maybe until January.

Written by KES & Kern Rose.​



Born Roderick Gordon, entertainer Mr. Chucky, who is presently a 3rd yr student at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business UWI, is pursuing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, where the 24 year old is due to graduate in the year 2012.


Singing consistently for the past eight years, Chucky participated in a number of junior calypso competitions, including the National Calypso Monarch and NACC Pathfinders competition while at secondary school concluding his A' Level study.


In 2004 he placed 4th in the National Junior Calypso Monarch, won the pathfinders competition and a number of other smaller competitions. Also in that year Chucky took part in the schools parang festival, where he won the Best male vocalist title.




Blaxx's unique brand of soca music was widely appreciated by his fans and followers, and he gained a reputation for putting out tunes of a consistently high standard every Carnival season. His songs were melodic, danceable and uplifting. Never shying away from being himself, Blaxx's offerings were often quirky and always authentic as he managed to tap into the psyche behind Trinidad and Tobago's jubilant Carnival spirit year after year.

One of his biggest hits was 2018's unexpectedly inspirational “Hulk,” which “mashed up” the fete circuit that season:

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